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Multiple Rewards from Obsidian Edition



Hello everyone,


while I thoroughly enjoy this bug, I should bring it to your attention that I have received the benefits of the Obsidian Edition DLC several times, including cards, gold and dice.



My PFID is 44AFAF071248B2B40.


Speaking of which, entering a link code requires the PFID to be all small case, while the display shows it as uppercase. Which led to me getting "PDIF unknown" errors for a while until I figured it out.  

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And the winner of the lottery is...



I had most of the cards (barring the 3 promo ones) from the mobile version anyhow, so the gain is somewhat limited. Heck, I even bought the Obsidian Edition without waiting for the Ambassador program, so I am not feeling that bad.

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Ofcourse not. The bug is a bug is a bug... and bug is always a bad thing even if it casually can have "positive" effects.

The endless of multiplaying the cards can cause big problems in long run. It change the cardpool, it can cause overflow problems and so on. Hopefully the team managed to fix this too...

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