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Quality of Life Issues that need fixing on the Computer version

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First off, for those that haven't bought the Steam version, It's basically the phone game ported exactly except with fewer bugs (so far).


With that said, there are some things the Devs really didn't think about when making this.


there's no way to adjust video settings in game beyond resolution. as a result, the game feels way too bright and hurts my eyes to play.


The Location panel is always visible. This is really really annoying. I like having it minimized by default in the phone release, and I like not having the deck partially hidden behind the number of Location cards left to go.


As a direct port from the phone, everything seems way too small and crowded even on my 32 inch monitor. The cards are huge and I feel like I'm sitting waaaay to close to the screen (which isn't an issue in other games) and the text strains my eyes. this is slightly better in Windowed mode, but not by much.


These don't sound like major problems, but they really effect how fun the game is.

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I'll agree that it's a little disappointing that the UI wasn't rescaled more for the PC. PC gamers can be a harsh crowd when it comes to mobile ports, so I'm a little worried about how well the game will be received for the oversized UI alone.

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Yeah, even on a 22" screen, the UI is slightly too large, and the lack of brightness adjustment is lamentable. 

I haven't the best eye sight, so the huge font doesn't bother me, but when cards are in their smaller form, as it were, down at the bottom, before I click and enlarge, I just can't read the text at all.

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