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Driving Flight works with spells and other Ranger tidbits

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I haven't tested much, but single target like missiles work. Vicious Aim also works with spells, but unfortunately only the accuracy bonus seems to apply and not the damage. Also, vengeful grief is a rare buff that stacks with other haste sources, like paladin martyr - pet sac is a nice way to get your ranger up to 45% recovery, and of course the martyr buff is colossal (-8 DR to enemies, +8 DR to group, +20 or 25% haste to group for 25 seconds with high INT). Driving flight should theoretically work on reflected arrows and spells, but again haven't tested. Ended up incorporating tattered thrust shield rather than duel wield for my ranger. Attack cycle is roughly 45fps with dead pet.

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Driving Flight works with most ranged attacks - spells included - that are targeted (like Missiles, Necrotic Lance, Killing Bolt and stuff). It also works with Twin Stones for some hilarious effects.


Funny thing is: Driving Flight also works in melee - but only in combination with Stunning Shots: if you hit an enemy in melee with Stunning Shots then the enemy behind the first one will also get stunned (but not damaged).


Did anyone check if the Martyr spell on that Marked Amulet (ledendary Caed Nua adventure) stacks with "Behold the Martyr" from paladins or other speed buffs?

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