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Bug Report: Daylies



I cannot collect daylies - they show as completed, but not in the ready to collect tab. 

Design Idea: Why is there a ready to collect tab actually needed? From an ux perspective totally unnecessary, just enable the collection feature on the daily tab.


Yesterday my device went out of power as i just finished a story in legendary mode and was about to collect the reward.


Now when i open the story mode i've got an empty party? 


That is altogether very frustrating


My Device:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 

Android 5.1.1



playID: RaidingPeddler77425 #8247



Any help is appreciated

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Daily gold challenges don't need to be collected. They are awarded the moment you complete them. Sometimes the window might not pop up (or quickly disappear), but I don't think I've run into a situation where a daily completed and my gold total didn't adjust accordingly.


Weekly challenges should still be available in the pickup window once they've been finished off.


Daily challenges automatically awarded gold when the challenge system was first introduced, but there was a brief span of time late 2016 when they where found in the pickup window where you had to collect them. A few patches ago, it went back to awarding the gold immediately as the daily challenge was completed.


As far as the UI stuff goes, the challenge window might just be a little overbuilt for the time being. Aside from weekly challenges, the devs could theoretically do monthly or whatever-ly special challenges, and the pickup window just allows them the option to award non-gold things like treasure chests, cards, dice, characters or anything else they have in mind. I don't think there is presently a mechanism to hand out a set of dice or a DLC character (or whatever) while you're in the middle of a scenario.


The reason it has a separate tab is that, in theory, you could complete a weekly challenge but not have a chance to collect it before the new week rolls around. There is also a semi-major patch on the horizon; so there's no telling if we'll see changes to the challenge system with the 1.2.6.x release.

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Ok regarding the daylies i will give it another try.


But i am still missing my party from the lost of power.

In story mode i have now two ongoing adventure my first from 04.05. , but the most recent one with 6 party members is now empty and can not be continued.

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