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Giants +d4, please disable in quest mode!



At least one out of three quest mode games results in a bug-fest or a forfeit because the giant bonus showed up. It forces you to fight Barl three times instead of two, and worse, it really jacks up the Graul Ogrekin. Could you just disable that scenario possibility until you get time to correct it, or better yet, let us disable certain scenarios or even choose our own enemies and scenarios and locations?

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Now that I'm up to that point in Quest Mode, finding odd experiences as well. Notably, with the +2d4 to Giant checks as a scenario power, I've encountered 2 Graul Ogrekin, both were buffed, then rolled a 2 for their effect, and then...

...banished/defeated themselves. No check. I'm given the option to close and everything. Huh. Speedrunning strategies. -_-'


EDIT: Yep, depending on the rolls, they tend to auto-defeat themselves or auto-evade, at least some/most of the time. Some kind of funky variable handling going on.

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