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Cant save game, game saves wont load, help!



So Ive searched on google and tried many different methods, and cannot fix this. The game isnt saving when I save. Ive lost so many hours and have restarted the game over four times now. I am in game now and have finally gotten back to the furthest point ive gotten, was going to quit so I saved a few times and then checked to make sure they were actually there. And of course even after saving manually numerous times, none of them even show, and the last save was from way the hell back in gilded vail, three hours prior gameplay wise.


Ive uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted save files then restored them, verified file integrity, and other useless methods which have done nothing. Furthest I got was when I deleted all saves (after backing them up in seperate folder) and then put only the save I needed that was the most recent. When I load game it will actually show it, but it wont play it. It will either make screen turn black for a second then immediately return to main menu screen, or screen will turn black, stay black for eternity, and eventually crash if I wait long enough.


Ive posted two other threads and was sent here as a suggestion to get this problem fixed. I am exhausted and drained from this experience, as the constant frustration and dissapointment from constant replaying parts and losing progress and it has sapped my will to even play it or put further effort into getting this fixed. I don't mean to complain, its been a very long day. :-(

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Kindly follow the instructions posted at: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72439-must-read-how-to-report-an-issue/


State your operating system details, upload the requested files that the linked document mentions. If the "black screen crash" upon loading a savegame file is reproducible, be sure to upload the savegame file that causes that problem, so somebody could check it. Or upload a set of savegames files. And yes, patience is the key when encountering runtime issues that don't affect everyone.

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