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Weird save game issue (different one)



So everytime I reboot, the game can no longer find my saves. I thought that this might happend because I dual boot at times, but it happens even when I don't switch OS. This started happening when I got the expansion. When I try to start a new game and save it, it won't display these saves either.


The only way to solve it is to completly reinstall the game. I have to redownload the game every time I want to play. When I do that, it will also suddenly display the new games I started before reinstalling. This is a very enfuriating and frustrating issue.


Any suggestions on how to avoid this or fix it without having to reinstall every time I reboot?

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I have found a solution! I'll explain it here so everyone who has a similar issue will know how to fix it. I checked my logs and saw some strange notifications stating that I wasn't using a 32 bit client. So basically I tried booting PoE with Win7 compatibility mode on. When I did that, I didn't get the White March DLC's and I suddenly saw my save I had installed before I got the DLC. This led me to believe that for some reason the DLC's weren't being friendly towards my 64 bit operating system.


So, I uninstalled PoE and removed all my save games, both in appdate as in the mygames map. I rebooted my PC, ran steam in Win7 compatibility mode and reinstalled PoE fully. Now, when I run PoE in Win7 compatibility mode, I get all my saves - both old and new. When I disable the compatibility mode, I get none. You don't have to run steam in compatibility mode every time, just the game. I only run steam in compatibility mode when I reinstalled PoE to make sure that I got the DLC's back.


This worked for me, hope it will for everyone experiencing a similar issue!

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