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Which dialogue choices are required for Eder to have the 'joins secret organization' ending?

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Basically you have to give him closure by lying at the end of his personal quest, that in the vision you saw (with the help of a cipher) Waidwen was able to convince his brother to fight for Readceras, instead of simply telling him the truth (that the details of the vision were vague).

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You have to reinforce Eder 's brother actions or Waidwen's actions. You do not have to lie to Eder about vision (I told him I didn't know and it worked fine). Also dialogs telling him that it is worthy to follow Eothas' faith rules regardless of circumstances.


Also I think the final decision is made in the last location in the game. It shows Eder's quest effects on him (his attitude) as final dialogues appear and determine Eder's ending. You have to have him in the party.

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