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Hi to all! Please answer the question: stacking or not class-specific talents? E.g., stack talents Brilliant Radiance, Inspiring Radiance and Aggrandizing Radiance at the same time from the priest's Holy Radiance? Thanks!


Yep, they all stack.


Inspiring Radiance is fantastic because it will stack with every other source of accuracy in the game.


Aggrandizing radiance is great because it also provides passive buffs that stack with everything. Note that the "negative" aspect of the talent – the reduced healing – will only affect the Priest so others will still get a good heal out of it.


I've never used Brilliant Radiance but someone else here might be able to vouch for it.

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I agree that that Inspiring Radiance and Aggrandizing Radiance are both great. However, Brilliant Radiance seems rather pathetic to me. It affects all enemies, but the damage done to non-vessels is so small it doesn't seem to be worth a talent point.

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Same. Brilliant & Aggrandizing Radiance are pretty nice (and their bonuses stack with everything), but Brilliant Radiance is bad, even if it hits in a big AoE. The damage is so low that most of it will be eaten up by enemies' DR. Just a wasted talent point. You can make it work as MC with a lot of MIG (Aggrandizing + item + Champion's Boon/Minor Avatar), lots of ACC for crits, Doemenel talent and Scion of Flame (not DoT, so it should work). But why all the hassle when you can just cast something better without wasting casting time for a low damage ability and wasting a precious talent point?

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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