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Jorgenfist vault bug



Device info:

  - Galaxy Prime Core

  - Android version: 5.1.1


I found another minor bug, I think.

After beating Heroic Jorgenfist for the first time I wanted to check in the vault about something I wasn't sure off anymore. However when I opened my vault I saw that all the monsters there still had the giant trait. When I checked the gallery, every card was still normal there, and also in the next match I played everything was normal again.

That made me question, is this really a bug? Or is this done intentional?


Again, this is a very minor thing, and I know there are more important things to be fixed/made. I just thought I inform you about it.

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It's half bug, half expected behavior.  Your party's displayed vault is always the vault of the current scenario, or the scenario prior.  


Effects that change the vault, such as the one you described, stick around until they're cleared during setup for the next scenario.


The Gallery is a separate way of displaying of all the cards you have access to.  Scenario effects do no have any effect on how it displays cards.

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