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Can I donate my PoE 2 copy to someone else?

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Hey. My friend's birthday is closing. I would like to make him a present: a digital copy of PoE 2. Now my question, since I have pledged already, and I do have a copy pending delivery on my obsidian account, would it be possible to donate again, receive another one pending delivery digital copy, and when the time comes, give my friend a steam-key?

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One of the upgrade options is an extra copy.

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So how do I do it? Just make another pledge?


You can purchase an add-on in your Backer Portal. You have to connect on your Backer Portal and chose the corresponding extra. I still haven't confirmed my pledge on the Portal, coz' i'm too lazy right now, but you should find the option quite easily while browsing. You will be able to reclaim 2 steam keys or to link the copies to 2 different GOG accounts when the game is released. So, you don't need to pledge twice on FIG. Just upgrade your current one.

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