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Some voice-over missing



I've played the game a fair amount of times now, enough to know what parts of the dialogues are voiced-over (at least up until Dyrford). After starting some new games, I began to notice that some dialogues that were definetly voiced-over at the first couple of playthroughs began to miss the voice-over, like it was simply a non voice-over dialogue.


For example: the first dialogue with Kana that has voice acting, where he says something like "Killing time, if I'm honest. I've already walked the perimeter twice (...) There are names scrached upon the bricks just there (...)"


Also, if I ask Edér what will he ask Maerwald: "Just somethings about the past. About the war."


Those are just the examples that pop into my head.


The problem with noticing even a few of those missing voice-overs is that it makes me wonder how much I am actually missing. There is also the voice-over that I don't remember that was there in the first place and all the voice-over from Dyrford onwards, which I haven't gone through yet. =s


Has anyone else noticed this?


p.s.: This may sound like nit-picking or perfectionism, but it is just that I think voice-over is an important part of the game, and it bothers me that I might be missing some gems and great acting work due to some bug.


p.s.: I have the last patch installed (3.05 I believe) and both expansions  



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It's tricky to spot these especially with WM content. Does anyone know if Maneha actually says something if you remove/include her back into the party, for example? Nothing happens when I do that these days, but it's been forever since I last used her.

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