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Am I missing something?



So seeing how PoE2 has been announced and smashed its goals for crowdfunding I felt like opening up the game again and finishing a playthrough since at launch I got 3/4ths of the way through the game than ran into a game breaking bug.


I start playing the game and 1 hour in after I get the first 2 main companions and delve into the town dungeon I realize a lot of the really annoying issues I had with this game are still here, is there a community patch or something that fixes the pathfinding or the fact that ill be in the middle of a fight and my companion is just watching me get my face smashed in and not doing anything but enjoying the scenery, I gotta say I kick started this game and seeing how these issues still persist when this game was released 2 years ago I think ill pass on the crowd funding this time, this seriously disappointed me coming back into the game.

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I wish.  I had problems too.  I'm not fancying PoE 2 since I was replaying PoE and when coming back from WM did not realise for too long that I had a duplicated NPC and a party member lost all inventory.  If things like that are not fixed....  I don't need that stress in the next game too.

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