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Bug: Soldier recharge with Holy Light.



Playing Kyra solo, B-3 at the Shrine to Lamashtu. Play Holy Light against Black Fang. The game then allows me to recharge the Soldier for an additional 1d4, which shouldn't happen, because it's not a Melee check. Or do I have my rules wrong?, iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.1.


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I had what I thought was a similar thing happen, but after your update maybe it is different. Scenario 4-4, Lem at the Desecrated Vault encountered Seleval and was able to reveal his Deathbane Light Crossbow +1 for 1d8+1 and recharge a Troubadour for 1d6 on a combat Dexterity check.


I wondered if this happened because the Troubadour was a valid card to play if Lem had attempted the Divine (Charisma) check to defeat rather than the Combat check.

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