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Stuck in Story Mode 5-2 Normal Difficulty



On Android Marshmallow, Oneplus 2. PFID 35946F56DC102BC


Pass & play and permadeath are both off.


Facing the Stone Head using Seelah and chose the Check option. Discarded a Flaming Ice Axe +1. The Choose Fire or Ice 2d6 appears, but regardless of what I choose, the dice don't appear. I can't proceed in anyway. No other characters aided the check (or are able to aid). The second I discarded the Flaming Ice Axe +1 I proceeded to get stuck. I've closed and restarted the game 3x already and it's still the same result. My party is Seoni, Lini, Amiri, Merisiel, Seelah, and Kyra. Let me know if I should just give up the 100gold daily challenge and forfeit the mission. ;(


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