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In some builds i read that the fire damage from Turning Wheel does not stack into Torments Reach.


But when I test it, I see more fire damage....


Was that fixed or can confirm someone else that Torments Reach + Turning Wheel work?

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Torment's Reach does work with Turning Wheel. But only with the initial hit (the enemy you click on), NOT the cone. The cone has its own base damage and doesn't get the lash bonus.

Since Torment's Reach's initial hit will also get a 50% crushing lash, using Turning Wheel with it and also adding Lightning Strikes, maybe even Blood Testament Gloves and a burning lash on your weapon is crazy powerful for your single target damage (a monk with all those lashes and Scion of Flame can hit harder than a rogue with Deathblows, but since he uses his wounds to deliver Torment's Reach he can't sustain the damage as long). The cone is a really nice AoE bonus and works with weapon's accuracy (not fists' accuracy, don't ask me why) and also with spell chance and on-crit effects.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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