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Hello and good day. I am thinking of joining a homebrew game of pathfinder but i am having difficulties in making my Psion. The information in the books do not make it easy for me to understand. So i though someone here could help me. Please keep in mind i am very new to this. dnd 5th is much easier to me in comparison. After this guy i want to make a half vampire as well.


Here is my info on my character. Discipline kinetics


Human male, STR: 13. DEX: 13. CON: 14. INT: 17. WIS: 16. CHA: 14.


Feat ideas: the psi crystal


Build?: I dont get some things. what or where is concentration? on the character sheet i have it says  psion lvl + physic lvl??? It made mentioned to focus as well?

                  Also what on what powers i can choose and Discipline powers? What lvl can i choose and do the skills do something different for my character because he is a physic? If any one has a base filled in sheet that would be great. I have the core book, ultimate physic, extended, and occult.


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Hello! This is the forum for the App version of the Pathfinder Adventure Card game, so you may not find the answers you're looking for here. Now If it was a 3.5e or 4e Psion I may be able to help...


However, you could try asking here:


Or maybe checking out this online resource:



Good luck finding what you need and if you enjoy Pathfinder/Fantasy RPGs/co-operative card games then check out the award-winning Pathfinder Adventures, available on iOS and Android.

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