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Not just because my name is Joe, but I think my next playthrough (or I may even sideline this playthrough) I think I am going to try a build or even a party that is all 10s and depend entirely on equipment and spells. Maybe once through on Normal, but eventually PotD.


The experiment is to create a control group to see how important attributes really are. I mean, we go through a lot to ditch some attributes to push others up, crunch the numbers to maximize different build characteristics, etc. Has anyone actually tried doing the opposite to see what the _effective_ difference really is? I've seen the math, but what is the actual, in game effect? Is it _that_ unplayable? And if it is demonstrably possible to solo PotD, how unplayable can average stats be?



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Isn't the average attribute score higher than 10 ?


Anyway, obviously an all 10 group would still be stronger than a solo character, so this shouldn't be that much of a handicap.


Individually, some characters are more dependants on stats than others. For a melee rogue for instance, attributes are whatever to some extent ; but a fighter will have trouble doing any damage against a high DR enemy without might. A spell like confusion will be much weaker without the AoE and duration bonus, especially on PoTD where there are much more enemies.


In normal mode it shouldn't be an issue ; in PoTD it could be a fun challenge, plus the -1 level from custom characters...

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