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Any way to skip the fortress?

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Sorry if this topic has been previously covered but I am new to the game and just trying to absorb everything.


Obviously, to get to Defiance Bay, I have to build the corresponding structure, but other than that, can I just walk away from this pile of increasingly entangling responsibilities? (I am role-playing an anarchist-artist who would never choose to become a 'Lord of the Manor,' and also, the amount of time devoted to dealing with everything stronghold-related was extremely distracting for me in an earlier test run. )


So, I suppose my actual question is, if I walk away after building the first structure, will I still have to deal with the bandits, the ensuing events and quests, the politics, etc?  I can see that as something worth doing at some point, but I'd prefer not to on this first playthrough.


Thanks in advance for any insight, and thanks to Obsidian and community backers as well for this superb RPG.

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i dont think you have to do anything with the stronghold once you finish the first part to leave. I believe the bandit really only hurt as you rise in Prestige. You will just miss out on stronghold quest but its not needed to win or anything. I believe you only get visitors also as your prestige rise but i am not sure about that one. i think if you leave the stronghold alone not much will happen.

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