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The start of a new build, high reflex shock wizzie, possibly fists

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Alright, thought this earlier, why not a super agile wizzie who uses lots of shock spells but isn't afraid of that bouncing bolt of lightning because he's so ridiculously agile he can dodge anything. 



Possibly fists, or just the azureith's stiletto. 


I've yet to see a build for or use electricity spell based wizzie



Edit: Ahh I see, upon a second look there just isn't enough lightning spells for the wizard. Damn. 

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It's not so bad. Jolting Touch fits pretty nice for a wizard with fists. Actually fists are quite good for wizards because with fists you don't need to care about graze, hit or crit - they all do nearly the same damage because of the weird mechanics of Novice's Suffering. At the same time, a wizard can have high MIG due to Citzal's Martial Power. Novice's Suffering scales with MIG, so that's another plus. Slap on the Sandals of the Forgotten Friar and your melee damage will be pretty neat. And you will be fast. Note that dual wielding influences you ability to cast spells indirectly, too. If your recovery after a melee atttack is very short or zero you can add a spell to the last punch pretty quickly.


Crackling Bolt and Chain Lighning are not bad, too. Also note that the phantoms you can summon will cause shock damage. The other levels could be filled with summoned weapons, self buffs and cc/disables which somewhat could be associated with electricity or electromagnetic stuff, like Dazzling Lights, Bewildering Spectacle (think of sparks and flashes), Pull of Eora and so on. 


Sounds fun! A bit like an electric monk. ;)

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EDIT, gonna repost this to make it a class build.




Silver isn't his real name, just his moniker from being a pasty white pale elf full of static electricity and an inability to sit still. He often speaks without any punctuation also, its annoying, and hard to understand. People tend to only take him in small doses. he is easily influenced by others and very reckless.


Origin; Silver is someone who looked up to, and even idolized the tranquil seeming martial artists of the Nalpazca, but being someone who is easily influenced and rarely ever forms a coherent plan he went the wrong way and instead of studying arduously and with discipline needed for the martial arts he began imbibing copious amounts of drugs. He really did pick and choose what he thought "studying" was.  Luckily he had a latent talent for arcane control, especially that of speed and shock and this came out of him unintentionally with all the drug usage. He still mimicks the martial prowess of the Nalpazca, but never lets go of his griomore, probably because he knows that's where his true power lies, even if he won't admit it. 


Race, any, however for some reason I picture a wild Orlan with uncontrolled static charged fur (Also his dismal Will save would be helped with the passive) I suppose, does the passives bonus get added before the will attack or after? Any thoughts on playing with a low will save? I haven't done it before on something as squish as a melee wizzie. 


 Or possibly Pale elf if you want to put Bulwark on him often, both work as do literally all other racials. Dex and perception is nice however.




Stat spread, you want to be able to do things like drop a slicken at your feet and dodge your own crackling bolt but also want enough acc to hit.


Example with Elf;


(Pale Elf) Deadfire Slave (should be interesting for POE 2 also!)


I'd go Feisty Voice just for the theme.


17 Might

8 Con

20 Dex

15 Per

13 Int

5 Res


Skills Survival 9 or 13 (speed or DR) Athletics 3 so you don't get tired or higher for some scripted checks that make you feel like an athlete (I do this often)


If you got 9/3 this could be your traps guy. I don't feel like scroll usage fits the theme but if this build is too damn hard on potd I'll revisit. 


Talents And Abilities 



2 Novice's Suffering, stop nuking and starting fisting asap. Um, yeah.


4 Arcane Veil


6 Weapon Focus Peasant 


8 Snakes Reflexes (hardned Veil if you wish)


10 Two Weapon fighting * can sub, you attack pretty darn fast already, I also like Fast Runner for Aru Breker 


12 Heart of The Storm


14 Vulnerable Attack


16 Apprentice Sneak Attack


TBA Later 


Gear, you want to boost my speed, reflex save, and possibly add some melee abilities.  Narrowing this down is hard so I'll give a fwe options with the ideas behind them.




Freedom Tempered Helm or possibly Stag helm if it makes you immune to stuck as I recall???



Aru-brekr if you want to combine resting speed bonus and Fleet Feet spell to be 'The Flash'. This is my first choice as you will see some serious stacking speed buffs soon. 

Blaid Golan; works for the orlan wild look, great defensive passives too, possibly a little light on DR unless self buffed however

Hand and Key; more DR, good defense against mind attacks

Heldrik and Sanguine work also for defense and attack speed but you have deleterious so....



Sandals of forgotten firar for ua dmg

Boots of speed though this may be overkill 

And as always possibly Shod in Faith cause they are OP. I will likely try speed boots on first test but theres a self healing version of the build that should also work.



Many choices work here,

+ 9 deflection works as you are planning to take a wizard ring

Swift action is always lovely for melee

Gauntlets of Accuracy also works, not sure if they boost everything, ie spells and melee ???

Pilferers grip (+dex and -10% armor speed malus) since you're going very heavy armor especially if you are taking fast runner instead of 2 weapon fighting**

Seigebreakers gaunlets can be fun for clear out, think of it as a "sweep the leg!" move



Cape of Cheat; Escape cape for those who love mobility. With phantoms and dimensional shift and speed boost im leaning towards this for some intense mobility.

Fulvanos if you are going shod works well

Cloak of comfort or protection are amazing for defenses

Cape of master mystic for stealth lovers




Wizard ring (selonan) that gives 2 lvl 1, and 3 slots for plus+ jolting Touch and Crackling Bolt usage. And then choices are;

Protection, especially if going Cheat cloak and deflect Bracers

Wyrwood ring if you like to abuse web + lightning spells point blank and aren't getting immunity to stuck from the stag helm

                 I've always loved the... 

bartenders ring early, in fact I always save the eothas temple till after I get this and go back for it, not to mention the damn lighthouse.

Overseeing might be good cause we aren't boosting int so much but we dont have a lot of mass aoe spells that we aren't going to be point blank casting and hoping to dodge

Ring of Thorns, lovely defenses and more Dex




Arthek's Cord; fun combo with aru-brekr and resting speed bonus

Bountiful healing if you are going shod in faith and fulvanos, note, you should to infuse with greater essence often when self buffing with this gear.

Binding Rope; once they are stuck electric spells work REALLY well

Girdle of mortal protection helps if you aren't self buffing deflection much



Spell Mastery

lvl 1 Fleet feet for speedster, Slicken also works

lvl 2 Infuse With Vital Essence 

lvl 3 Displaced Image

lvl 4 none, take Deleterious Alacrity of Motion 


All great speedster buffs for the start of every fight.  ZOOM!



Spells by Level 


Lvl 1 

Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights or Eldritch Aim for POTD

Fleet Feet

Jolting Touch



Yay point blank slickens


Lvl 2 (this level the theme is a far stretch)


infuse with vital (will probably use this the most)

Curse of blacken sight

Web? (doesnt quite fit but isnt it also a reflex save?) or Bewildering Spectacle but I never liked the targeting on this one.


Lvl 3 

Arduous Delay of motion (furthers the idea you are super fast and your enemy slow)

Crackling Bolt

Deleterious alacrity of motion

Displaced image or repulsive image (you move so fast you look funny etc) can't decide


Lvl 4

Dimensional shift

essential phantom (using these two together are so fun and thematic for a lightening speedster)

Pull of Eora and possibly

confuse for now and the Llengraths mental shields later, your will is pooptacular, this guy is easily influenced.


lvl 5 (theme is a far stretch at this level too)

Arkemyr's wundrous torment

Call to slumber

Llengrath's safeguard (wonder what this does and does not stack with)

Citzal's Lance


Lvl 6

Chain Lightening

Citzal's Martial Power

Gaze of the Adragon

Arcane Reflection


Lvl 7

Substantial Phantom 

Killing Bolt

Wall of Draining

Warding Staff (I like that it pushes everyone away, including allies. I picture this guy hazardous to his groups health and they just have to deal with it)


Lvl 8

Disclaimer, never gotten to use any lvl 8 wizzie spells so these are subject to change but...

Superior Bulwark

Caedebalds Black bow (is this any good?)

Wall of many colours

wilting wind



Early Game POTD/newb tips; Buy Brigandine; play safe, disable or debuff right away or you will miss a lot. Consider taking  Until you exit Cilant Lis and get lvl 2 your dmg AND acc (ty POTD saves) will be rough. Don't let bad things happen to Heodan. Save spells for the scripted fight with the leader and skip over fights you don't need in the ruins. 



Group Composition thoughts and Story Companions;



Druid and either a soul shock spamming stormcaller cipher or ranger using the same bow would be fun. Someone needs to mark for you on POTD either Eder or possible Pallegina. I feel like this character would look up to Zahua and therefore should have him in the group. 


Eder Tank

Pallegina for acc, heals, and possibly marking with pistol.

Hiravias and possibly Zahua for thematic reasons

I hate Durance so I usually hire a high Dex priest but you need one with a low will imo.

Greiving Mother or Sagani with Stormcaller


Aloth is too damn stuffy for Silvers liking and Kana with his stoping to read every damn book just can't keep up. 


Thoughts so far from those who have made complete thematic builds in the past

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Still editing, but I'll look at talents soon, then test it out and edit it more, seems a fun theme and we have no electric based wizzies, a druid and a stormcaller ranger/cipher seems a good idea for group mates. I'm kinda annoyed that even empty handed it seems like you can't put the grimoire away. 

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... Also note that the phantoms you can summon will cause shock damage....


Sounds fun! A bit like an electric monk. ;)

The phantoms naturally do shock damage? does Heart of the Storm help? Probably not. If you buff yourself before summoning the greater phantom does it also have these buffs?

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Maybe they have the talents you have - but I don't know for sure. It would require some testing to find out.


I know that they wear the armor that you wear. At least it used to be so. I don't think they get your current buffs.

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Only problem I am seeing is he is a mid to late bloomer, but that's to be said with most builds, I'm just a weirdo and like the early game to be easier but don't like it when endgame is just a rick click to success snorefest either. Finished a quick potd run and had some iisues with getting one shot when I didn't have a strong frontline to engage with first so definately not a build for a 2/4 split (frontliner/ranger).

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