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The Road through Xin-Shalast - clearing 2 decks



So, I've had this happen 2 times, where I am playing The Road Through Xin-Shalast (Standard difficulty).  I meet the a Runelord Warden, and fight him, and kill him.  I then go to close the location, which summons the dragon, and then he does damage, and then after he does damage, all the cards at the 2nd location disappear.  



I am currently playing with Lini, Ezren, Amiri, Lem, Harsk, and Merisiel (in that order).  


It's Lem's turn, and he enountered the Runelord Warden at the Temple.  He fights him, and defeats him.  He goes to close the location, which summons Ghlorofaex.  Ghlorofaex goes to visit Amiri at Heptaric Locus, who takes damage (it seemed, but I am not sure, that they bypassed the check and just did 2 damage to Amiri).  The game then empties Heptaric Locus (but does not close it), and then goes back to Lem, who then successfully closes the Temple.


As I've said, I've had this happen a previous time, it was with this same group, and in that situation, it was Merisiel at the Guard Tower that got emptied out.


FWIW - I am using an LG G4, Andriod version 6.0. 

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This also happened to me the previous time I played through this scenario, also on normal difficulty.


Party was Valeros, Lem, Harsk, Ezren (in that order). Lem encountered a Warden of Runes at the Temple, fought it and defeated it. Ghlorofaex was summoned and visited Harsk in the Town Square, who fails his check. The Town Square is then emptied and play returns to Lem, who closes the Temple. Next turn is Harsk's, and he is immediately able to attempt to close the Town Square by virtue of there being no cards present.


I was using an iPad Air 2, iOS 10.2.1

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