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Cant find the guy who starts the IRON Flail quest

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Hey guys! Nice day, isnt it? :)


I can't find the guy who starts the IRON Flail quest. Deryan is his name. He is supposed to be in the east side of the village but I do not see him, I walked around many times .....where is he?? Thanks. Is the quest fun? I just read a little info about it while I looked for quests I did not do. I got just two of those before opening the DB.

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Hello there,


If I'm not mistaken, you must first finish The White forge quest (which will finish the White March Part I). After that you should automatically get The Forgotten Army quest. You now have to go out of the White March territory and rest once wherever you want (this will trigger a vision).


After that you can go back to Stalwart and it will automatically start a sequence with Deyran.


Hope this helps.

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