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Blocking bug in scenario 6-4



Playing on Android phone, scenario 6-4 assault on the pinacle


I encounter a zombie nest barrier with two characters in the region.


1) Fist character defeat the zombie, get to chose the bonus reward as per the scenario rules for defeating a bane (the summining zombie I suppose in this case)

2) The second character (the one whose turn it is) alsso defeat his own zombie, get to chose the reward

3) after chosing this second reward I see the last zombie card be banished, and then the game don't let me do anything else, I can switch the focus to any character, look at my cards and so on, but nothing is playable (I cannot cast spells, end turn or any other action)


If I quit the game and restart, I am back to the end of step 2 above, with the zombie already defeated and my character having to chose the bonus reward again (after which I am blocked again)


A few remarks :

- is it normal to get the scenario bonus for defeating summoned monsters ?

- even if yes should I get another reward for defeating the barrier (its texts says that defeating all the zombies defeat the barrier) ?


Of course I could forfeit and play the scenario again, but I would rather not have to, I managed a fairly good game until then and it would be a pain to have to do it again. :(


Thanks in advance.


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