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I want the giant miniature space piglet plushie, but I don't $500 want it...

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Feargus said they were thinking about adding it as a separately purchasable thing (maybe through backer portal) but no promises.

It may be they get a deal on x-amount so it'd depend on demand.


I'd be up for buying one separately if China Post could be relied upon to actually deliver it. (The goodie-bag I won never did arrive)



Its marketing. Its a pull. Wait some months. Then get the plushie.

Sales 1 on 1 ;)

I think you mean '101' like the basic class for something in American-speak (not '1 on 1' - unless you mean something rather more personal :dancing:  )

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*Casts Nature's Terror* :aiee: , *Casts Firebug* :fdevil: , *Casts Rot-Skulls* :skull: , *Casts Garden of Life* :luck: *Spirit-shifts to cat form* :cat:

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