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Two questions about PoE2 Fig's campaing

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There's a lot of interesting tiers in Pillar's of Eternity II: Deadfire campaign, unfortunatelly due to my limited budget I can only afford a "Complete Pillars Bundle" for $79. I haven't played the first Pillars of Eternety yet, I haven't even bought it yet to be honest, that's why this deal looks so worthwhile for me. But I have two questions regarding it.


Does this bundle incude bonus pre-order DLCs for the first Pillars of Eternity? I like to have my games complete, so those two little things are very important for me. Anyway, does this bundle include those two DLCs?


My second question is a special achievement on Steam for people that took part in the campaign of the first Pillars of Eternity on Kickstarter. If i buy this bundle will I be able to gain this achievement?


Crowfunding campaign is coming to an end soon so I'd really like to know before so I can pledge my humble contribution. I'll be grateful. Cheers.


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OMG, I confirmed my pledge today on Backers Portal and my dream came true. The PoE1 key is Kickstarter key. And now my game is absolutely complete! Thank you guys for possibility to get this that way. Now I just need a little time to finish PoE1 with add-ons and then I will be just waiting for premiere of PoE2. :)

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