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So I picked up deep wounds on my rogue and in combat Deep Wounds debuff pops up but says Deep Wounds (Suppressed).  When I clicked on the ability in my character sheet for more information it shows up as 3.7 Raw Damage (Suppressed).  I've tested it with multiple weapons and no matter what weapon Im using it remains suppressed.  Does it not work with two-handed style or something?


Edit: Started working after I leveled up again, dunno.

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It supresses itself. Every time you do damage Deep Wounds get reapplied - but they do not stack!


It's like you are only refreshing the duration (the later appliance will kick in once the first runs out).


Other things which do raw damage on hit like wounding (unique enchantment on a weapon) do stack though. Deep Wounds doesn't. Don't ask me why - we all would be happy if it stacked. :)

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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The whole skill itself was suppressed, like when you have one item that gives +5 Reflex and another item that gives +5 reflex you see (suppressed).  The skill itself on my character sheet was suppressed. When I leveled up again it was no longer suppressed on the character sheet.

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