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Regarding companion relationships.

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In the interview today (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/122300066), Josh mentioned that there'd be no way to hide the popups of companions liking, disliking, disapproving, loving, despising, etc etc, various choices you do or say while playing Pillars 2, but I was wondering if it'd be feasible for the team to instead of having these text-based popups, which are immersion and pace breaking (even if minutely to some people), to having different drawn portraits of the companions change mid-dialogue to another static image of them in which they show various facial expressions (smiling, questioning, pensive, angry, etc) and then enabling us to turn off (via expert mode or whatever) these approval/disapproval popups during dialogue. Since there aren't too many of them, I don't think this request is overly demanding and I believe it will flesh out the entire relationship system and make it much, much more immersive and fun, as you are bringing more imaginative body language prose into the game. What do you think?


Edit: If this would be too much for the current budget, maybe just writing "Eder's eyes light up with joy" or "Eder quickly turns to you and stares with furrowed brows" or "You suddenly hear raucous laughter coming from a hunched over Eder" instead of "You have gained positive reputation with Eder" or something equally as lifeless as was in Tyranny's immersion-breaking (obviously this is just my opinion) relationship system.

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