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Vent Pick with Paladin

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Hey guys,


I was just wondering if you use vent pick with paladin, when vent pick procs its flames of devotion does it benefit from passives such as intense flames and remember rakhan field? or does it only trigger a normal unbuffed flames of devotion. Also can it proc at the same time as you use a paladin's innate flames of devotion causing a double FOD or does the paladin one overwrite the weapon proc?



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Nope. It's a seperate instance of FoD that doesn't profit from your talents. So it's normal unbuffed FoD. Same as with Frenzy from the Sanguine Plate and Greater Frenzy by the way.


I didn't test it excessively so I can't answer the last question. I think it will add an additional FoD lash on top of the other, but can't say for sure.


I guess it would be better to use that weapon on a barbarian or monk for a higher proc chance thorugh AoE use or a rogue for higher lash damage (since lashes are calculated with the actual physical damage you did - including dmg mods like Sneak Attack/Deathblows).

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