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FPS drops around 8hours in the game





As the title states i was playing the game for several hours without a single issue when upon reaching the dyrford ruins (and almost all combat related area's ive met after this including the big city) i started having heavy fps drops combined with stutters drops from 75 to 40-35fps at times. I've done all the 'tricks' the forum proposes, playing with lowered graphical settings, playing in admin mode, PC is already on high performance. I have a i7-4790k an R9 fury latest drivers, 16gig ram, game on SSD, playing on 75hz freesync monitor at 1080p. My pc runs doom maxed out on 4k but this game stutters? that's disgraceful.. any advice or something that can be done? i'll add  a dxdiag


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After some reading up it seems that indeed the unity version used for pillars 1 is the one bottlenecking everything.. tyranny and poe 2 don't have that issue.. very very sad this happends. its a huge ****stain on an otherwise great game and devs should be ashamed of releasing games in this state. rebooting the game every few hours seems to reduce the issue a little and its more in certain area's then others.

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