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Charmed Red Dragon crashed my game



I was just playing Quest mode on legendary and the game crashed on me. I have a Galaxy Tab S tablet with Android 6.0.1, PFID# 72d922dbfb588b8f.


My Barbarian had just used her Charmed Red Dragon ally and won a fight. The game rolled a 1 and then rolled for fire damage. I buried an armor and that should have been the end of it. Instead, the monster that i had defeated stayed on the screen and the message that I needed to make a Charisma check to get an ally. I rolled it and won, and suddenly I had the Charmed Red Dragon in my hand again. It should have been banished. The game then switched to the next character's turn and Ezren had a charisma check to obtain a Charmed Red Dragon without having explored yet. I rolled it and won. The ally moved to my hand but the location deck didn't highlight for me to explore. I strated tapping cards and controls when i noticed there was no "next" button to proceed through the turn and none of the turn steps in the upper right corner were lit. At this point nothing was responding and i had to toss the window to shut down the game.

Add info you find/want to the Pathfinder Adventures wiki

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