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Staff of Hungry Shadows and Wand of Enervation moves cards



This problem is happening on my samsung galaxy S7. 

PFID is f6b0b3936e918fa


Pass and play is off, I haven't used quest mode at all, my party is Merisiel, Seoni(Normal the first time, frostfire the last, can't remember the second), Amiri and Wild Lini in that order and turn order. The issue has occurred across multiple adventures all on normal difficulty.


The sequence of events in the three instances of the event where I've consciously noticed it happening has been as follows:

Lini gets in a fight.

Lini has no usable combat spells, so she activates animal trick and beast form and sometimes a blessing.

I notice the odds aren't as good as I'd like so I have Seoni activate a debuff item (wand of enervation the first two times, staff of hungry shadows the last).

The debuff dice roller pops up and I roll it.

The debuff applies correctly, when the debuff roller is gone and we're back to the normal hand view, Lini's cards have been returned to her hand and her abilities deactivated(which I assume is correct behavior) and a card has been moved from Seoni's hand to Lini's(Which I assume is not). On the last round the card moved was a blessing of pharasma, but I don't recall it being limited to that card in particular. 


This seems to happen every time I use the items, it seems to happen both when Seoni and Lini are in the same and different zones. I haven't tried it with any other characters(Lini's my worst combatant, she's the only one who regularly needs it).



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... searching these forums for "Wand of Enervation". I just ran into this again and Amiri now has three Wands of Enervation...

The Wand of Enervation has a long and amusing history as the Wand of Generally Benevolent Glitches.


In some ways I'd like to understand why it seems to go bonkers, but it is a lot more fun to assume it just works through wild magic that occasionally goes awry.  :p

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