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Any way to get re-earn reward cards?

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Sooo, I made a rather unfortunate mistake:


I completed Thassilonians Sins in quest mode, and was all excited to finally get those reward cards... and then as I was organizing out my decks in the aftermath, I stupidly had the ordikons staff still sitting un-equipped with my wizard, when I mushed my dumb finger against the continue arrow.


Needless to say, I was pretty bummed out, that scenario had taken me like 8 tries. I'm wondering if there is any way to go back and get it? Either going through hard mode, or doing normal again...? It's not the end of the world for me if not, but it keeps niggling the back of my brain every time I play now "man, this check would be a lot easier if I had that..."


Anyway, if anyone has such information, I'd be most appreciative.


- proto

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Yuparoo!  You'll have to replay the scenario on normal with a minor handicap, but it is possible to regain loot cards without having to start all the way from the beginning again.  Good luck.  ;)

1. Temporarily boot a few of your experienced characters from their current party.

2. Start a new party with one or more new characters.

3. After the party is established, add those veterans and heavy-hitters to your new party.

4. Replay the scenario that hands out loot.

5. The vets shouldn't be rewarded, but the newbies should receive the cards.

6. Trade, reform parties, carry on as planned.  


Some permutation of that should work.  The key thing is to start a new party with new characters.  If there is a vet in the mix during party creation, it will mark the save as having received all the rewards up to their level.

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