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Encountering Ripnugget, then temp close Tsuto as last card at location ends turn



Scenario: Attack on Sandpoint

Characters, Seoni, Harsk and Amiri (playing in that order)

Locations: Town Square, The Rusty Dragon (closed), Swallowtail Festival, City Gate and Sandpoint Cathedral


Seoni encounters Ripnugget and Stickfoot at Town Square. In villian temporary closing check, Harsk is at Swallowtail Festival with only one card remaining - Tsuto. He defeats Tsuto and is asked if I want to close location. I select "close".


Instead of temporarily closing Swallowtail and proceeding to Amiri's temporary close check at the City Gate, the turn is ended. Seoni does not attempt any checks against Ripnugget and Stickfoot. In addition, it continues with Amiri as the next player, instead of Harsk - acting as if he had just completed a turn.


Hope that helps!


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