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Some ideas I had...

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Mouse controls for the Swoop Race mini game. It was very cludgy to just use the keyboard (I ended up just skipping this mini game for the mose part.)


And some way to "auto-sheathe" weapons. I played NWN first and it was just so wrong that you couldn't set up quick slots for weapons.

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Personally, I thought the swoop controls were fine...though they were a bit slow...anyway, I think the idea of auto-sheathing has been brought up before, try the FAQ or looking around the forums for info on it.

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Mouse seems un-optimized for a swoop race. I don't know why I would use it over the keyboard, seems entirely impractical. As for the joystick idea, makes sense. However, the swoop race is relatively simple and does not need additonal hardware support for just ONE minigame, especially since they are now optional.


The devs said they implemented some weapon switch in the game.

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weapon switch but not sheathe - it's kinda akward to walk always with your weapons in hand, even in cities - why wond the police force there think you are a threat - on taris carth says that you should avoid getting attention from the sith but you walk through all the city with your weapons in hand :huh:

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