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Character Death in Combat needs to be improved, methinks


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I've just started to play PoE1 again, and noticed something that did annoy me slightly before, and it feels worse now:

characters dying in the midst of combat.


What happens is....


Well, next to nothing. No dying scenes, no special final cry, like "Avenge me, brethren!".

All that happens is that you may or may not notice that the portrait of the death-struck character suddenly disappearing, no sound, nada.

Not even a skull-n-crossed-bones portrait replacing. It's simply disintegrated, and no other characters react. They don't even flinch.

Business as usual. Chop on, sling spells...


This nonsense must cease.


Please, bring us much clearer deaths of characters in combat. 

Use the portrait, use voice lines, use animations, sound effects, but please let it be obvious that one of our characters succumbed.


PS. EDIT: I posted this in the wrong forum. I've made an identical thread over at the PoE2 forums, so please lock this one, dearest moderator.

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