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Progression break on 6.5 legendary



I managed to tackle the last scenario of the sixth adventure, and survive through the hordes of endless rune giants and dragons, and having cornered Karzoug as the only card in the deck, and beating his first check, only to get to this: post-162780-0-67049900-1485344957_thumb.png


There was nothing I could do.

No trip to the vault or reset of the app managed to solve this.

Suffice to say that I was kinda upset :p

I play on an android phone (Honor 6)

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Correlation =/= causation, but I thought that it could have been the fumbling between checks caused by my Seela's and Kyra's Blessings of Iomedae and Blessings of Sarenrae. In the next attempt I tried to win without using any of those (quite a severe handicap since in the last round Kyra had 4 of those between blessings and favors :p) and everything went fine. 

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My first check was made by Seelah. I don't remember every card because there were a few of them, but surely ther was a blessing of iomedae which she then shuffled back in the deck, and at least a few blessings of sarenrae by Kyra (exorcist) which she then put on the top of her deck. Seoni used the staff of hungry shadows, and harsk use another blessing if I recall correctly.  

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