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Killing the chieftain in Twin Elms-is it a bad choice?

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Hi all.
As I was walking around exploring I went inside a warrior / chieftain building in Twins elms [the left side of it ]... I talked to a NPC seeming to be the chieftain of the Three-Tusk Staelgar tribe or the Twice-split arrows, I do not remember. He wished to involve me in a dirty disgusting business: to abduct a girl [his step daughter or something ] and bring her to a druid to sacrifise her so that she does not continue to rule after the chieftain dies. He wanted this because he is a member of his own tribe and she is not but she still has a chance to rule it. He said his own children are worthless and unfit to rule after his death. So, I decided he is either evil or absolutely insane and I killed him and an army of his guards who were near the room. A tough fight that one. Problem is I got a very negative reputation. Also, guards in other maps in the Glanfathan main town attack me automatically  from now on.
Was it a bad choice?

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