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Sooo, I am in a tricky situation and I'd like some experienced players' insight. Spoilers ahead and all that.


 So, I visited Ondra's Gift before Brackenbury District and I reached the Vailian Trading Company. My aim was to get Pallegina. I got the quest "At All Costs". I have no interaction with House Doemenel up to this point. I've found that letter about the jewel theft but I have not showed it to anyone yet. Well, I went back to Copperlane District, at the inn, and now I know I will encounter Danna. I want to kill her, preferably in the Inn, I know I will fight her angry boyfriend later, I will also kill Verzano for putting me into this mess later, most likely. The problem is, I will get negative reputation with the Doemenels, does this mean I will not be able to visit them in "neutral" terms, do their first quest "A Two Story Job"? I want  to open up their merchant, obviously. And I know there is also another side quest they give, not to mention the 2nd main quest to get an invitation to the Animancy hearings. Will killing Danna Doemenel or even opposing her block my access to all these? Or do I still have my chance, by using that letter I found? Actually, what if I kill Danna and also give the letter to the rival house of the Doemenels, do I still have the option to join the Doemenels' side then?

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The faction system in Pillars is a little strange in some ways. Near as I can tell, unless you actively try to murder people in a faction's home building, then you can always accept their first quest. Accepting the second quest from a faction locks you out of the other factions' second quests.


The Doemenels are a little bit strange in that to even get through the door you need a reason for being there. From what I recall, there are a few options:

1. kill the thieves in Copperlane, and bring the AD letter to the Doemenels' mansion. The doorman will then let you in.

2. Help Medreth in Dyrford Village. The game is a little nonlinear here, so you can visit Dyrford village before even entering Defiance Bay, and his quest is quick and straightforward to complete (you can even lie to him and you'll still get a good rep with the Doemenels anyway). Mention Medreth to the Doemenels' doorman, and he'll let you in.

3. Side with Danna against the merchant.

4. When helping the Salty Mast's owner against the local thugs, don't take a quick resolution to the quest. Instead, talk to the thugs' leader, agree to talk to the Mast's owner about reducing prices, and she'll send you to Bricanta Doemenel to ask about reducing prices. The quest takes longer this way, but is another way to get through the door.


You can actually get access to their shop without completing any of their faction quests (or delivering the letter to Reymont instead); Bricanta has her own sidequest, Hard Feelings, that grants access to their shop instead.


As far as I can tell, killing Danna doesn't matter in the long run as long as you have another way of getting through the door. They'll still send assassins after you at one point, which is kind of funny. Like I said, the faction system is strange, and there are odd little oversights like this. But the tldr is, you should be fine killing her as long as you haven't otherwise resolved the other routes through the door.

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Thanks monk, I'll trust your words, they seem logical. My goal is to get Pallegina early, but that's not all. I want the Doemenels' bonus skill and I am not so eager to side with either the Dozens or the Knights. That said, I hold no love for the Doemenels either. I'll just use them. I tend to double-cross them before, during and after they give me their quests, expose them for arrogant fools instead of the cunning, manipulating masterminds they think they are. My way in will probably be the letter, I hold no love for the other noble house either, but we'll see, I might even use the Salty Mast way. At any case, I'll be using House Doemenel, not the other way. :)

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