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I've played a fair bit of the game, but most of it with Kyra and Merisiel, because that's what you start with.  So I think I've got the game systems down pretty well, but I don't know the other characters much.  I've recently been playing a 4-character party with Seelah, Sajan, Amiri, and Lini, and I've been amazed with how powerful Lini is.  Have I just been lucky?  Or is she really that good?


I'm midway through the campaign now, so she essentially adds 1d4+2 to every test she takes, without using any cards.  With that she acquires pretty much anything she wants, and closes almost any location without aid.  She never fails a recharge test on a spell, ever.  Inflict and Holy Light cover most of her combats, but discarding to make her base d10+1d4+2 (and therefore eminently blessable) means she covers fine even when the spells aren't in hand.  And even if I'm playing cautious, and never discarding her last animal, she gets a fair number of free searches from recharging spare beasts.  With all that she covers her own site fine (she just parks on a Mountain Peak and is immune to its' otherwise painful effect) while supporting the rest of the party heaps with buffs, scrying, and blessings that she doesn't have much need for herself.


Does she maybe not scale well into the endgame?  At the moment, playing with her in the party feels like Easy Mode compared to my last game.

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