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Ranger Main's, how often does your pet die and how do you minimize it?

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I want to love rangers but my experience with the npc ranger is the Snow Fox dies a TON regardless of how late it enters combat etc and I hate the debuff. I know there's certain micro's im bad at so I just accepted I'm no ranger but I want to try one badly as the stormcaller or gun burns builds look so good!

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Resilient companion and... a paladin :D Lay on hands has to be the best single target heal, plus, after resilient the pet becomes quite sturdy and his sturdiness scales with lvl. Other than that.... Reviving exhortation from paladin after he's taken the brunt of the damage and died in the process and you have thinned out or managed to live through the early part of the fight (which should be the most dificult). After the first 20-30s of fight have passed you can revive the pet, the debuff will disapear and you can kinda "freely" position your pet to take advantage of stalkers link.


EDIT: doing my first playthrough with ranger and I can tell you that afte ranger hits the lvl 13 sweet spot, his damage and utility becomes something close to obscene (plus quadra proc chance on stormcaller per shot).

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- Shod-in-Faith boots - on a char who is near the pet most of the time (also see Riptide build).

- Lost Periapt of the Winding Path - same

- scroll of Moonwell and so on



- Pain Block - cast it on the pet

- Going Between - same

- Defensive Mindweb - if you have a real tank in the party your pet will be near unkillable



- Ancient Memory

- Beloved Spirits

- Kindness chant



- Triumph of the Crusaders - as long as the pet kills enemies, it will get insta-healed.

- Consecrated Ground - if the priest is near the pet

- Watchful Presence

- Watchful Guardian

- Crowns for the Faithful - +25 RES, meaning +25 deflection

- Shields for the Faithful - another +25 deflection

- Circle of Defense - +15 to all defenses, stacks with the above

- Armor of Faith - more DR without speed loos is alsways good



- Lay on Hands - best single target heal like zeldagaiden said

- Reinforcing Exhortation - +25 deflection, doesn't stack with Shields for the Faithful

- Zealous Endurance - more DR is good, doesn't stack with Armor of Faith



- Nature's Vigor - not only heals, but also raises endurance by +15%

- Nature's Balm - heals faster, stacks with Nature's Vigor

- Moonwell - heals and raises defenses by +10. Doesn't stack with Circle of Defense, but with all deflection-only buffs

- Form of the Delemgan - great spell for pets: +8 DR to weapon damage and shock+corrode (stacks with everything, also Armor of Faith or Zealous Endurance) and immunity to stuck

- Garden of Life: very powerful continous healing if there are enemy corpses

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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By the way: the proc chance is not four times as high just because you have four arrows per shot (twined arrows & driving flight) instead of one.


The chance is ~34% with those abilities instead of 10%. Still very good! 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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