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Protential Bug on Cards List Feat?

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While I was playing the quest mode, I found something strange, and it borthers me quiet a bit.


Here is the problem, my quest mode Merisiel and Kyra gain Card feat tier 1 eight times after they have reached lv10, and now they are in lv21 and I have unlocked everything on their card list except for 1. However, my quest Amiri and Lini,(both in lv15) got Card feat tier 1 only once. Is that normal or I mess with some horrible bugs?


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Gaining the same tier of card feat multiple times was a bug introduced into Quest mode by a previous patch (1.1.6?) . According to the patch notes for the most recent patch ( this should have been fixed, so your Amiri and Lini are behaving properly.


If your Merisiel and Kyra continue to get Card Feat Tier 1 then you should probably report it as a bug.

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