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Blade of the Endless Paths Parts Missing



V 3.05.1116 -steam


I have searched the forums and could not find a solution. I am not able to retrieve the parts needed to complete the sword. My character has a 12 mechanics and can find/use the hidden switches, but the parts are simply not in the locations, and not in my inventory. I did not use any guides as I went along and cannot be 100% certain if I looted them before, but am now going back to those places either the items are disappeared from my inventory or they were never there to loot. I do not want to use the built in editor because I like the achievement system. Spoilers below.


Ornate Sword Hilt - I found the treasure chamber, used the switch, found some loot, but no Hilt.


Broken Blade - I found the secret room, used the switch, found some loot, but no Broken Blade


Great game by the way! I never thought kickstarter would be an avenue for fully professional development but am so happy that it was!



EDIT: I apparently had the other broken blade piece even though I could not see it in my inventory. I went back to the treasure room for the Ornate Sword Hilt 5 or 6 times. After several visits it finally allowed the coin piles to become clickable. While I've completed the question, it sucks that I had to go online to find a guide, go back to the places I've already been, and then try over and over to get the game to allow me to do a quest of that importance that should have been completed normally.

Still a great game!! I played all day yesterday!

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After the tears dried: It's one of the best two handed weapons in the game. Comes superior, has the speed enchantment (which is one of the best) and has also marking, which is also great if you know how to use it.


As all other weapons in PoE, it's no game breaking stuff. Just a good unique weapon.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I don't even use a 2-hand wielding person, but I have a thing against leaving quests undone. Once I realized that I had to go back up to find parts I looked at what the reward was and was pretty disappointed. I would think that a smith good enough to take hunks of metal and put them back together securely would be able to leave one of them out and make a 1-hand sword! Oh well, quest done and item sitting on a character I do not use in the party.

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