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Quests need some serious rebalance

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I've already bought the adventure pack because I think the devs have done a great job with the game. So I don't really need the gold.


Either way there's a couple of points I don't like about the quest system:


1) Why do you only have 24 hours to complete a quest? I don't want to be forced to play everyday, not to mention if I start to play at night I only have some hours left to finish it. And if I make any progress it really doesn't matter because the quest is going to be swapped by a new one with zero progress, not much sense there.


Wouldn't it better a system like Hearthstone were you can keep up to 3 quests? Also in Hearthstone you always keep your old quest so the progress is kept.


2) Some quest are just incredible tedious. Yesterday I was doing the collect 25 allies quest. I spent 2 hours to collect 12 allies. Are the quest really done to take 4 hours of you playing the game a day? 


Guys please take a look at the quest system, it really needs some work.

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2) Some quest are just incredible tedious. Yesterday I was doing the collect 25 allies quest. I spent 2 hours to collect 12 allies. Are the quest really done to take 4 hours of you playing the game a day? 

I'm with you on this point.


Completing the 150+ gold daily quests in the allotted time often does not encourage "normal" gameplay.  You end up thinking how to best to game the system and just do that instead.

Need a ton of Allies? Replay Local Heroes or Here Comes the Flood a bunch of times.

Need to bury loads of cards? Take everyone on a field trip to the Mountain Peak and blow a bunch of rolls.



I'm not sure if we need to follow the Hearthstone model, but it would be nice to hold onto some challenges a little longer to complete them "naturally."  Even something simple* like giving you 48 hours to complete each daily challenge would help a bunch.



*Simple is relative.  Even this would likely be a mess to implement.

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The daily quest system is an incentive to the players to return to the game every day. While the devs recognize the need for the game to be played frequently to be profitable, the daily quest is not fulfilling this job properly.


Reason A is most of the quests are uninspiring. But I play Magic Duels, and their quests are uninspiring as well (defeat two opponents, use colors x and y, etc). But I play them everyday, nonetheless. Why is it so?


Maybe it's because of reason B: in Magic Duels, there is an end for the "quest for new cards". Each collection has a limited number of cards, and you don't get countless duplicates of the most common cards. So, there is a light in the end of the tunnel: if I play it every day, eventually I will complete a collection (I have completed 4 out of 5 collections so far - and I never paid for anything, while I payed for lots of Pathfinder stuff).


While I enjoy Pathfinder Adventures much more than Magic, I don't play it every day simply because an extra 100 or 200 gold does not necessarily mean I am getting closer to complete the collection - since I usually find cards I already have plenty of in most of the packs I open.


My suggestion for the devs: instead of giving 500 for the weekly quests, let the players pick any card they want as a prize (or give them a specific, Legendary/Promotional one). Because getting 500 gold only to turn it into 50-100 gold by selling the cards you got is not good enough...






PS: Other idea: instead of giving gold for playing on Legendary level, maybe you could give gold for playing with new characters, or gold for the first adverture played each day, no matter the difficulty. I am tired of doing Legendary Brigandooms - and that's what your current system incites me to do...

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