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Merren Unwin



Merren Unwin seems like a great card for an ally, but I keep having trouble with her


I have her assigned to Lem, and I have the Deathbane Light Crossbow+1 assigned to him.  Multiple times now, I've gone to use the Crossbow, and gotten my D8 +2 (Lem's current stats in my game) + D8+1 (crossbow stats).  I then select Merren, and select recharge, but my dice switch and I have a D8, a D6, and a D4, +2.  I would think I should be getting a 2D8 a D6 +4.   So, she seems to have problems


BTW - if needed


My party order is 







I was playing Them Ogres ain't Right at Legendary, and had Driving Rain and Painful Memories.  The specific bane we encountered was a Goblin Raid that gave Lem a goblin raider.  I am using a LG 4, Android version 6.0

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This is a problem you see with all cards that gives a bonus to ranged checks, the dice turn to d4 because Lem doesn't have the ranged skill (only Harsk has it). For some of the cards clicking on the check dropp-down and switching it back to combat dexterity instead of combat ranged should change the dice. I don't know if it works with Merren Unwin though.

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