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Make a Beta Test Server for Patches

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Before you work on upcoming patches, could you possibly consider doing a Beta Test Server, that has all the changes on an up-coming patch? We have a number of people that will always uncover more issues that you can find in just a regular test of your new code. And could possibly provide feedback to address such issues. Maybe even add a small incentive for playing such future patches? (if you can do that).


Just a suggestion.

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Plot twist!  You've been beta testing the game all along!  It's like a M. Knight Shyamalan movie!



Just kidding.   ;)



The game is in the best shape it's ever been, and patches usually get pushed in a timely manner.  Though, between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, there were probably more delays than usual getting the hot-fixes out...


At least on iOS there's no way to casually select a test server or build.  You'd likely be entering NDA territory.

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Any company that is serious about their product tests their product.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was a beta program running that did need an NDA to be a part of.

That would be my guess.


Also, I would agree with Ethics Gradient. I'm enjoying the game in its state now. They've done great work.

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