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Seoni can't use power



Seoni is encountering a ghost as part of the closing check for the farmhouse. She has two cards in hand, a guard and a Sihedron Medallion. When I try to use her Arcane Blast power, I try to discard a card, and it just goes back into my hand. It always appears on the right, doesn't matter if I drag the card or zoom and tap the word discard.


Evventually I figured out that if I select combat for the check type first it worked fine.

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Got a repro on it, thanks for pointing it out!

There's a workaround for it.  That happens on enemies that have both a skill check and combat, but your combat stat is lower die than your skill check (Ghost is divine/Wisdom 8, or combat 12, Seoni's Str die is 4, her Wisdom is 6, so the game thinks it's better to roll a D6 with 8 as goal instead of d4 for 12), so it keeps defaulting to Wisdom for Seoni.  To get around this, until patched, manually change the check from Wisdom to Strength or Melee, then use her ability.  It will work fine if you do.

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