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So, some items let you add extra dice to your Perception / Survival / Whatever checks. Not to your Wisdom / Whatever checks, but to those skills specifically. And since rolls for untrained skills default to d4s, this makes those items near worthless. The Wayfinder +2 to perception checks are almost always worthless, because it forces you to use the untrained check. Sajan could roll a d8 for a Wisdom / Perception check... or he could use the Wayfinder and roll 1d4+2, which isn't exactly an upgrade. It can also happen with things like the Archer Ally. The +d4 to RANGED combat checks means that Lt. Lems d10 ranged attack die turns into 2d4, a complete downgrade.

Is this the way it's supposed to work? Or should items that let you add a bonus to a certain skill roll allow you to use the stat die, such as Dex when you use a boon to add to ranged checks, and this is just a bug?

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