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Does the story pick up after the animancy hearings?

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"Find the evil wizard before you go crazy" isn't doing it for me.


I mean, I've gathered that his soul-sucking machine is hoovering up all the baby souls, so I guess I'll be saving the world at some point.


I'm just not that motivated to find out what happens next. Right now I've got to find two more things seen in the Leaden Key vision (I did the sanitarium one). I assume that after that the factions have me do something for them to earn an invite to the hearings I've heard about.

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Actually, the animancy hearings were (at least for me) the highlight of the story. 


PoE did a lot of things right, but it didn't do a great job making you care about the critical path.  OK, I've become a Watcher -- why should I care and why is it a bad thing?  OK, the Hollowborn situation isn't good -- but I have no idea what can be done about it and no reason to believe I might be able to affect it through adventuring.  OK, there seems to be a hidden group called the Leaden Key -- but considering the members themselves have no idea what the group is doing, how effective could they possibly be?  etc, etc, etc, to the point that a large number of players just don't care about "winning" the game.

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i loved the story as a whole. its far deeper and complicated than say divinity original sin. maybe there are lulls or some themes just dont do it for you, but after finishing the game and taking in the enitre story i was not unsatisfied.


in fact i was more disappointed with how the white march story line played out than the main story. 

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I think a simple adjustment to "find the wizard to stop the hollowborn plague" would have improved the story.


They probably felt a more personal reason was better since it would be viable for evil characters as well, but it kind of feels like your PC is ignoring the elephant in the room (the Hollowborn plague), while instead trying to find a cure on the thinnest of evidence. Like, "Let's go investigate the Leaden Key in Defiance Bay! I'm sure that will help cure my insanity!" Would have made a lot more sense to go visit more animancers.


So yeah, great world building, not so great critical path.

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