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Reputation Problem

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Hello everyone,


First, sorry for my langage and if i m not in the good section, my english is ... so so.


I have a problem in game and i try to resolve with mod, command or anything i can use.


I unintentionally click on the wrong response in the quest of Penhelm and Osric (and i given the paper to Penhelm), and i play in "Epreuve de fer" (One save) so, i cannot go back !

It is not all ... i decided to go in Crucible Keep in order to kill Penhelm and loot the armor, to fix that ! But, it doesn't work like that ... And Now, all of Pnj in Crucible Keep want my death !

It is very funny for quests like the "Sword of infinite pass", or for "Heritage hill".


I already trid to add reputation point but doesn't work.


I have installed "IE mod" with hope to find a solution but today, nothing.


Anyone have an idea ?


Thanks !


(Sorry if it is not clear ! I m in your disposition to translate)



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If you are still looking for a solution: if your reputation is negative with the 3 major factions (Crucible Knights, Dozen, Doemenel) you'll get the invitation from Lady Webb.

I am with Doemen, in fact, i just want to reforge the sword of infinite pass, is there another forge somewhere ?

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