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Completely lost Characters and Progress



I've been away for the holidays and just tried playing 6.3. Thought things were a bit off when Merisel only had 5 of her items, but thought maybe I had banished them or something. Then as I continued I noticed she had lost almost all of her power feats too (ex her sneak attack was down to level 1 after i mastered it). Lem also. When I forfeited and tried to build a party they weren't there so I deleted all of the partied expecting all of the characters to be there -- NOPE!  They only show as possibilities for new characters. Even the other characters are really buggy on that screen with no completion screen and the other screens not centered. I tried to play on my iphone but that is even weirder where it shows only AD4 unlocked even though I played on it a tiny bit this week. Characters are still gone. PLEASE HELP -- I would hate to think all of the hours I spent progressing my characters are gone 3 scenarios prior to finishing the main game!


PFID: 48D391306AE41F63

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I don't think you understand. I didn't lose stuff -- I lost the characters themselves. I had 11 experienced characters, now only have 8 on the screen and the character screen is completely broken too. Please see screen shots. The game is UNPLAYABLE

​This is a effect of that bug. Losing cards for those characters can corrupt the character data. We are working on a tool to restore content. I took a peek in your account I see all your story characters (11 or 12 I think) so they are there we just need to work on the tool to get them back to you.


​Please though can you copy and paste your original post in that thread I linked. I also want to make sure I compensate everyone who was affected by this bug and posting there makes sure I can do that!


Thanks and Sorry!

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